Under house arrest.

I did wash my hands!

But there we are. I’m sweating one minute, cold the next. Throat is swollen, glands are sore and head feels full of cotton wool.

And I’m so very, very grumpy.

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  1. So sorry you’re poorly, hope you feel better soon.

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  2. Oh love, god bless you, you mustn’t blame yourself my darling. I can’t see any sense in this washing of hands business anyway, how is that going to stop a rampant virus for god’s sake, this government advice is woefully inadequate, they simply cannot stem the spread of such a thing as this, it will have to take it’s course and people will have to ride it out, as with any virus sadly. Please take good care of yourself and the family, eat well and stay warm and let it pass in good time, which it will. Just be your usual good, kind and caring selves to one another. You are in my prayers my precious girl. xxx

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  3. I am so sorry to hear you do not feel well. It is shocking that the whole world is going through this.

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  4. Oh darling girl! Dag nab it!! Crazy crazy crazy! This rotten Corona thing is creating havoc over here, sounds like there as well. I went to the grocery, unsuspecting, and shelves – only certain shelves – like no rice or pasta, no “bog” rolls. I was so perplexed.. Now, flights are shut down from Europe and we have family from Ireland due at the end of the month. I’m unclear if this is sensible or insane. Time will tell….. But get well. I love your work lady. It brightens the day……

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  5. Poor you. Hope you’re better soon. Thanks for going into isolation xxx

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  6. I hope you are better soon. Hand washing and social isolation are only measures to slow the pandemic down, but we all will get it eventually, and it’s not your fault, just a random event. Go well, and speedy recovery.

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  7. I hope this is something harmless and not what we’re all dreading. Take care of yourself.

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  8. I’m sorry you’re ill. Take it easy and get well soon. I’m also sorry I’ve only found your blog today and not 10 years ago! I love your pictures! Thank you!


  9. all the best and get well soon !

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  10. Sending good wishes and an elbow bump, be well!

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  11. Lovelyy blog you have

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