I lost my temper today. The type where your fingers shake. The reason wasn’t anything to do with my family nor anything that had happened in the house.

As we are self isolating, we are all in the house so the telephone call I was making was overheard by everyone and repeated to me word by word afterwards by my kids who thought Mam had handled herself admirably.

I didn’t.

I tried to stay calm but a single sentence during this phone call sparked a fury in me that even surprised myself and I’m ashamed to say I erupted and hit the roof.

There really was no justification for my outburst so I removed myself upstairs and I tried my best to do some yoga. The cat cuddles from Renee helped more today but It was nice to do some flows and calm down.

Keeping active is important to me and has helped enormously over the years to help me and has evolved into me realising I am capable of so much more (but that’s a whole other blog).

We had a meat delivery today from a local butcher so we have food again and we are stretching out what we do have. It saddens me to hear that the panic buying is continuing. We all need to eat but we all need to get a little more inventive right now with what we have.

I’m quite down right now but I’m sure five minutes of dog licking my face will snap me out of it.

The kids are great and very positive, I’m very proud but I think today I’ve let my positive crown slip. Tomorrow will be better.

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  1. Dear one, you are not perfect. Nor need you be. All of us are under huge amounts of psychological stress right now, and you have been ill as well. Please don’t judge yourself harshly for this. Rest and care for yourself, as your loved ones care for you. Tomorrow is another day. xx

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  2. Be brave darling. I am freaking out also. We will get through. Breathe.. E

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  3. Pauline Richards

    Keep as positive as you can – please e mail if you’d like my telephone number to have a chat.
    Take care Pauline xxx

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  4. Sending you a huge dollop of strength, admiration, and “we’ve all been there” from my place on the planet

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  5. Give yourself a break, Angie, we are all on short fuses at this time. Have a giggle.

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  6. If you need some shopping done, give me a shout. I’m out in town every day, to the market and small er shops. I can drop stuff up to you in the car xxx

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  7. Stay strong lovely xxx

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