First time shopping after being in quarantine for a week and the world’s gone bonkers.

Queued to get in the supermarket this morning before it opened. People stood there coughing, sneezing and talking.

Once the shop opened a tense huddle formed at the opening of the shop as people politely but hurriedly grabbed their trolleys and baskets and rushed with quiet pace around the store.

I bought coffee, fruit and some croissants. I looked at the spaces on shelves where there were tins and couldn’t for the life of me remember what was there before.
I still forgot what I came in for too.

But I’m not going back for a few days.

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  1. This is dangerous. We have to have fixed shopping times, so there is no queuing.

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  2. They let pensioners shop for the first hour 7 till 8 here. Haven’t done that yet — too early in the day for me haha. We went at 9.30 pm last night, and it was eerie. There was only one other person there. The usual empty shelves in the usual aisles, but plenty of fresh food. A few days ago I turned up in the middle of the day to buy coffee and thought I would check the toilet paper aisle, and to my surprise, a young man was wrestling a huge mobile cage full of toilet rolls. An old bloke and I looked at each other, and he asked me, “Are those toilet rolls?” We both laughed and asked the young man if we could have a packet. It felt like I had won the lottery hahaha. Two minutes later, and they were all gone. I’m finding that people are very good during the day. Lots of jokes and good cheer. All are wishing each other good luck. Maybe I’m lucky to live up here in the Hills. Stay safe kid. Love your illustrations.

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