Wedding cake.

Today was the first day the whole country was locked down with the new measures to control the spread of Covid 19.

Powers have been brought in to prevent us from going out unless for essential supplies of food, medicine and fuel.

I woke early, just before six o clock. The birds were singing loudly before it dawned on me that I couldn’t hear rush hour starting on the road outside.

Just birds.

Alongside the lockdown, weddings are being postponed as to prevent gatherings of people.

My neighbour, who makes wedding cakes, left me a gift outside our house.

After a brief knock, we opened our door to see a large white box inside which contained a large, white wedding cake.

There was much excitement as we carved into the giant cake as the slices were enormous and very delicious.

Also sadness that for now, we all remain separate while we wait for the virus to peak.

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  1. Mmmm it sounds delicious love! Nice to see there are some upsides to this craziness for sure! xxxxxxx

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  2. a sweet neighbour !!!!!

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  3. That was so sweet and so sad. I’m sorry your neighbor made that cake and possibly lost money making it. I know those can be expensive. I hope the world improves soon.

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  4. I meant to add that I hope it was delightfully delicious! An awesome snack or meal. 😉

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  5. There is nothing better than cake! 🙂

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      • There has been a lot of dessert in my life since the lockdown.

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      • Yeah me too. Lots of baking happening here. Jam tarts here today.


      • Jam tarts is a good idea for tomorrow. My kids have never had it. I’ve never made it. Share your recipe if you can.

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      • Of course. I use a rough puff style of pastry. So 340g of plain flour and 170g of butter, place in a food processor.
        Lightly blitz until butter is smallish chunks.
        Place mix in a large bowl and add enough cold water to bind together.
        Don’t overwork it.
        Leave to relax for 10 minutes
        (This pastry is then good to use on pretty much anything).
        Roll out to desired thickness.
        Use a circular pastry cutter big enough for pastry circles to fit in a shallow cupcake moulded tin.
        If you don’t have one, shake the cut out circles with your hands to make a basin shape for your jam to sit in.
        A teaspoon is enough of your preferred jam.
        It will turn to hot lava in the oven and will spill over otherwise.
        Place in a hot oven 180 degress celcius for about 10 minutes or until pastry has turned golden.
        Remove, leave to cool and enjoy. 😊


  6. What a sweet neighbor💯. This epidemic would definitely pass

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