Art on the streets.

Well I can’t go out but I can still draw.
This post is dedicated to all our friends in work who are on the frontline.
You have our gratitude, admiration and love.

I will see all my lovely friends again after all of this and I will be buying the drinks. 

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  1. Beautiful, I love it! 😉 xxx

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  2. What a great idea to honor those on the front lines of this.

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  3. wow.

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  4. Let’s talk about these drinks you’ll be buying….

    Now don’t laugh…well, maybe it’s best if you do…but there is a small “drinking-hole” we like to visit in the summer where they serve our all-time-number-one-favorite alcoholic beverage. And we (cuppycake & I) were just saying to one another “that WILL be the BEST celebration drink to have once this virus no-longer prohibits us from public drinking. This of course is because it is called….wait for it…a Corona-Rita! (A Margharita with a Corona beer turned upside down in it. YUM!!) Google for image.

    Maybe it too can be the drink you purchase for your beloved friends?? 😉😉

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