Now clap your hands.

Tonight up and down the whole of the United Kingdom, we all came out of our doors and showed our love and appreciation for the people who are caring for us during this awful time.

Up and down our road and in the silence of Swansea right now I heard claps and shouts of well done. It was the most incredible sound.

We all clapped for the people who put their lives at risk on a daily basis, the doctors, nurses and surgeons and people of the NHS.

For the porters, the health care workers, the carers, the nursing home attendants, the ambulance drivers to the admins, the receptionists and the cleaners.

For the supermarket checkout people, the shelf stackers, the lorry drivers, the people we see every day that take no credit at all as it is their job.

We clap for you all and we know your names tonight.

Thank you.

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  1. Bravo!! We’re in it together world!!
    Virtual hugs and high fives!
    PS: made it to Florida, but sequestered from my family. My grandson, 5, said I wish I could hug you Grammy. Virtual Hug!!

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  2. Awesome idea! Yay to the essential workers😊

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  3. Never heard about this until afterwards. Went into the living room at 5 past 8 and asked “What was all that racket outside?” 😦

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  4. Well done you! We saw it on the TV in Australia.

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  5. Hugs n’ blessings upon you for depicting this holy moment in your Country!

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  6. In my street, no one was outside, i forgot about it even, till my love asked about it… i went outside on the balcony, but really, silence…


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