A handy and slightly funny guide to surviving lock-down with a lot of children and animals in your house.

Yes my longest title yet but forgive me, it accurately describes the current battle for space in our house. It’s a bit of a squeeze with three kids, cat traffic and random sleeping dog. (who I have tripped over three times today).
Myles is in the back room working from home so he claims that room.

The front room is where the television is and is occupied by Gruff and Evie within minutes of them waking in the morning. There is you -tube played on repeat right now and I hope you can relate to the despair I feel when Britain’s Got Talent bloopers, or You-tube road blocks tutorials are played on back to back loops. Or when the tablet gets pulled out for a game to be played on full volume to appreciate the ambience.
But I appreciate we all have different ways of relaxing.

So yes, I have resorted to headphones and may I say how blooming wonderful they are. My little bit of space created with podcasts, playlists and random heavy metal throughout the day.

Snacks are bought with the weekly shop but are now seen as a challenge to devour as soon as possible so I have smuggled a few nice ones to a higher cupboard which require more of a Mission Impossible way of thinking to get to. I like to think I’m helping their ingenuity as the cupboard gets moved every few days to keep everyone on their toes.

We still eat at the table every evening. New topics of conversation have dried up a bit so we play the “Where have you been today ” game. Riveting and exciting, do you know someone actually went upstairs today? We were spellbound. My trip to the supermarket last week was met with so much excitement.

And if all else fails and you want a bit of “me time?”

Get out the vacuum cleaner. Clears a room in seconds, just don’t forget to leave it running just in case anyone thinks you’ve finished…

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  1. I’ve said my boys ‘whoah, whoah you’ll have to chill with the food and use your ‘school stomachs’. Technically they’d be at school and I pointed out they wouldn’t help themselves there. I’m still at work but but will have to remortgage if they keep eating like they are!
    Loathe YouTube, Fortnite and minecraft at the minute

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  2. Awoooooo!
    Hang in there darling, not a great deal of help, but I guess most of the world gets it…… Awooooooo!

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  3. I really, really think you ought to put a book together about your family under lock-down. What you have here is a remarkable journal of a remarkable social event – not the pandemic itself, but life under the pandemic – and you have such a unique way of recording it. ❤

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  4. Hey Doodlemum, I did send an email via your contact form but in case it didn’t arrive… I set up a project for children called Ourcoronadiary.com .  Many authors and illustrators have contributed resources but I have always loved your blog, been a follower for years! I’d love it if we could link to you as an example of how to do a doodle  diary? And if you want to write something, even better, but I know how busy we all are trying to hold families together so even if we could just have permission to link to you and feature a picture in our gallery, that would be amazing. Hope you and yours stay well Kathy x

    Kathryn Evans 

    Beauty Sleep, out now.

    ‘A Black Mirror style twist onSleeping Beauty’ The Bookseller.

    More of Me nominated for the2017  Carnegie Medal

    Winner of the SCBWI Crystal Kite 2017and the EIBF First Book Award 2016


         http://www.kathrynevans.ink                   @KathrynEvansInk

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  5. I’m so sorry, but i had to laugh, i know it’s not even funny if you’re living it, just as I am, but my kid is grown, so i am just with my partner, and i do so feel for all of you, who have kids and animals… tripping over the dog 3 times, well i do also when there is no lock down over my own cat… that is why i had to laugh. 😉

    And then the vacuumcleaner, hilarious, but sooooooooo true! Anyway, i am sending out a lot of strength to all of you, you will keep it together, creative minds always do! ❤

    The only thing i am sad about, is that i have to miss the birthday of my grandson, turning 2 on april 9th.


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  6. Thanks for this post. A little humor is a good way to start the morning.

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