Daily Exercises.

My news is getting microscopic, its not important to anyone else but me but some things have the potential to send me into a full on flappy hands artist’s rant.

I got the rage this morning because Myles put the forks in the cutlery draw upside down again.

The cat ate half a mouse and left me the head godfather style this morning.

I put a dark sock in the white wash and failed to spot it. Grey is in okay.

Someone put their socks in the dirty washing basket in a sock ball, this is not okay when there are five pairs of feet in the house, this is very, very annoying.

I drew another picture on the pavement outside the front of the house. It’s now looking very colourful outside our house, I really thought it would have rained by now but it has stayed dry. This lock-down has brought us sunny dry weather, unusual for March and April in Swansea.

So yes I’ve just drawn myself drawing my drawing. I’m confused too.

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  1. Sounds cool, pavement drawings.

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  2. I feel for you! the cat and that mouse, i know what you mean! Picasso left me the other side once, head gone… tail still there, lol…

    About the weather, we had no winter here, no freazing cold… since the lockdown and the planes are grounded? We are in sunny, dry and freazing weather at night right now! Wich is good, i blame it on all that traffic… the climat changes… the Earth is recovering right now while we are in lockdown. If you ask me!


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  3. Cool post; thanks!


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