The Great Outdoors.

The sun was beaming through the windows this morning.

Gruff and myself were up early. We’re both early risers so the pair of us tinker about (him with the animals, me with coffee), before the rest of the house wakes up.

Some school writing briefly with his bright red pen and then out into the garden where he has made a comfy chair for himself in the sunshine.

He hasn’t been outside for a few weeks now. I know we have the garden but it makes me feel sad when I think that the last time he was outside in the world was at school with all his friends.

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  1. But he’s safe and well… and in your arms… and that’s what counts my love. xxx

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  2. Lucie Wakefield

    Hang in there Gruff, it will get better xx

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  3. So, even the children can’t get out to play outside? Over here, children up to age 12, may play outside together with no grown ups, or just one to watch them…

    I think that is also stupid (to let the kids outside), but hey…. who am I…


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  4. You need to publish the Coronavirus log


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