The Queen’s Speech

It’s not Christmas day.

We don’t have presents or a roast Turkey.

No tree with decorations.

But the Queen’s on the telly so be quiet I want to listen, this is historic, she doesn’t normally do this.

Who’s turn is it to make the tea?

I want a bourbon biscuit with that please.

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  1. Your comment.
    Are you telling me off? 😊
    Our hair is normally like that. Our Prime Minster’s Hair is messy too, your point?
    The other part of your comment is strange. No one stands up for the Queen’s speech, they sit down and listen or they might not. Either is fine.

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    • It was a joke. Of curse no one does these things and shouldn’t.
      I love the drawings and love the scenes you show and the sense of family love and warmth.
      Really sorry it came across as anything other.

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    • I t was a way of jokily appreciating your line work in your drawings. You capture the sense and character of people with so few strokes. The hair is absolutely central to your style. That’s why I made reference to it in my comment. And you capture that absolute sense of relaxation and closeness in your family. I wish I had your skill.
      Sorry, should use emojis to signal jokes or just be more careful, especially now.

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    • I was thinking more about this cycling in
      Your drawing and what you show is perfect in every way. It brought to mind the opposite image of everyone standing ramrod stiff with slicked down hair in their best clothes for the queen on telly and that made me laugh so I thought I’d share the image.

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  2. The Queen made a speech?

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      • Did you ever read Oor Wullie? It’s a newspaper weekly cartoon, a Scots thing part of my dad’s life so also in my childhood but then more recently became known in england, don’t know about Wales. Wullie is archetypal 10 year old boy with sticky up hair. Then every so often he’d be smartened up for some occasion and his hair would be slicked down unnaturally as a symbol of his discomfort. The story line would usually involve him escaping, often with Pa, parental authority forgotten, sometimes fishing illicitly together still in their posh gear but hair sticking up again.

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      • Yes I know oor Willie 😊


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