Big Air.

Sky for miles, air was fresh.

Can see a little bit of sea where the docks are.

No cars at all so me and dog walked down the middle of the road.

Was a lovely walk until I got nearer to home and saw most of Swansea police parked up outside a house attending an incident. All masked and gloved up and very serious. The news headline entered my mind of a forty year old mother apprehended for walking down the road with her dog illegally and it made me laugh.

Dream on Angie.

Oh well. Never a dull moment eh?

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  1. BlueAngelDiverGirl

    Sort of a funny thought– will be– hinds sight!
    And glad it’s not at your home. Hugs to you & dog


  2. Lol… never mind love, as the lockdown is to be extended somewhat, I am sure there’s still plenty of time to get arrested! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Have a lovely Easter weekend! Big hug! S. xxxxxxx

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  3. Humor, is so important right now! It made me giggle πŸ˜‰

    Happy Easter!


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