Weirdest Easter Sunday ever. Evie shook her head while removing a rather lovely large chocolate egg from it’s cardboard home.
I think that sums up the last month Evie.


Very, very weird.

I can’t articulate more than that today as a mini fog has set up camp in my brain leaving all household tasks half done or very badly done. I look like the hedge monster and I haven’t even drunk a full cup of tea today.


I’ve sat on the sofa being slowly licked by the dog for an entire film and not moved.


My walk with dog this evening was weird, There was falling paper in the air, coming from an evening bonfire. Fluttering around me as I walked, still smoking.


The cat we saw up the lane was weird, all lion like and bright ginger. It looked at me like the Cheshire Cat would, I swore it grinned at me (or maybe that was the whiff of marijuana in the air from an open window up the street).

I took two attempts to draw my drawing tonight.

Ah this fog can go do one, send me a breeze please.

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  1. Weird
    Time is out of kilter


  2. Here is someone to lighten your load Angie.  At the age of 63 I have a Grandson that illuminates my life. Just seeing his photo brightens my day. You are privileged to have Gruff, Evie and the wildlife around you. Dont be down. We love you and your family. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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  3. your drawing is not weird!

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  4. Oh, that dog, how you put it in the drawing.. grinnnnnnnnnn big time, like that chesire cat…

    Weird… dear Alice 😉


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