There was a mass singing of the Welsh National anthem tonight at eight o clock, everyone was to stand on their doorsteps and sing for Wales and all key workers.

I bellowed it out at only a key that humpback whales and sonar can understand.

To everyone else it was painful and very annoying but I think the whole street appreciated my efforts.

I feel better now.

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  1. Thank you for giving me a good laugh!

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  2. I love this – had a good bellow myself as I read the words, although I was not street in Wales but in my garden in Australia 🙂

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  3. Brilliant.
    Make joyful noises into the Lord!

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  4. ROFLMAO even Welsh is abracadabra to me at all… But i can see and hear it… in my mind…

    Well done, and wonderfull that they did that, all of you!


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  5. Top things in this sketch. First the expression behind your left elbow. Perfect teenage frown. Second, that enquiring dog nose.

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    • Yes there was a lot of frowning but my singing does tend to have that effect…

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      • There was clapping in my road for first time tonight, or maybe I’m usually cycling home this time. So we went out and joined in. Really touching. Didn’t sing. Kids embarrassed at us clapping. Made them do washing up instead. Dog got in the mood went in the garden and barked his appreciation.

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