The Longest Spring.


The dry weather we have had since the middle of March has no sign of letting up. We are no strangers to rain in Swansea, I have often joked that a day without rain is indeed a drought around these parts.

Spring has unfolded itself, pretty much rain free and the longer days and warm sunshine have made this lock-down feel most surreal.

The dry streets, now littered with plastic don’t feel like Wales. There are few puddles. The grass is growing, the trees have leaves again and there is blossom.

The birdsong is easier to hear with less cars on the road and the jackdaws flock on the rooftops in full nesting fever. There isn’t a chimney around here without a battle of black wings and chattering.

Just the humans, locked up, safe from the world.

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  1. I love the cat in the drawing, makes me smile…

    And in the end… humans safe for the world, or the world is safe from humans 😉


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  2. Good morning 🌞. I just looked up Swansea. It looks like a stunning part of the world. Many years back, probably 12, we visited England. We drove to Chepstow and toured the ruins there and a bit further in to see a ruined monastery. I really wanted to see more of Wales. It looked less, hmmmm, tame than the Cotswolds!! I have a friend who rents some place in Europe every year and she is pretty insistent that her friends and family come to visit. We’ve gone a few times and England has been a strong favorite.
    Be safe… Be happy. I loved this drawing today. The cat being so very catterly. Ciao from our new home in Florida.

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    • Thank you Ellen. Wales is stunning, we have better mountains and castles and we have the most stunning coastline. Our history goes back to the ice age. Have a look at Welsh Castles to start with, we have so many!


  3. (…. and the world safe from the humans !)

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