Quarantine is rubbish.

School work is proving hard to negotiate. Everyone is having the same issue, we just have to be patient but that’s hard too when you’re not sure what you need to be doing.
It’s like being cast adrift right now. I’m sure we’ll find our new normal but right now we’re a bit lost.

Emotions are pressure cooker high and they need releasing. Sometimes you just need to cry, that’s okay you know?

Because quite frankly it’s really rubbish right now. You may insert a stronger expletive if necessary.

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  1. That’s the kids comforting each other?
    Yes rubbish times

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  2. Rubbish works well for me to describe these times.

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  3. Nagore Raleguia

    Hello, from Spain. I am very sad to see these days your drawings, how they have grown more and more desperate. I feel sorry, too.

    Yes, it is rubbish times, but we can not change it. So, my only recipe (if any) is to try to focus on today (today, yet, and now) and on the small positive things, even if it is raining since three days (I am missing so much the sun!). I will go to catch a coffee and enjoy the smell and the calm time when everybody is sleeping. Keep calm, you are at home, with your family. You are safe.

    Take care, please. I really enjoy your drawings.

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  4. It’s an awful situation and there are times when tears are the best relief.

    It’s also easy to say this but it is true – we all have to think of, and hang on to, the bigger picture, without this lockdown, either you or a member of your precious family could become seriously ill or worse. Unthinkable and unimaginable and the tears that you really don’t want to shed.

    Keep drawing, keep hopeful and take each hour as it comes, glean the best you can out of each minute together, because the effort we’re all making does count.

    Maybe, at the end of it, we will rediscover a kinder, more loving society which thinks a bit more…

    George Harrison said, ‘All things must pass’ – it will – Love to you xx

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