Tonight’s walk highlights, a blue protective glove on the floor, a few discarded face masks, a discarded hedge cutter and a pile of broken children’s toys.

The news tells us that the pandemic is peaking here in the United Kingdom.

I see graphs and charts and explanations of numbers. Beautiful graphics and animations. A huge moving virus. If it was that big, I’d be able to avoid it (like my washing pile).

The dead are numbers, on a chart. Wavy lines that ascend and now, like a roller coaster, are plummeting down and down.

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  1. Seen no signs of a peak here yet. 😦

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  2. Angie – I have thoroughly enjoyed your humorous account of life under lockdown, with many similarities to which I can relate. South Africans are expecting to hear tonight whether our lockdown will continue or whether restrictions will be lifted to some degree or another. I sent you an email the other day – please let me know if got it.

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  3. Over here, de peak is going down… and the schools will open again on may 11th… after the may vacation as we know it… childeren up to 12 years old, may go back to school, and even they may go play their sports again….


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  4. That dog. So expressive. Bonnie’s face says it all about isolation.

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