A grand day out.

Weekly shop time.

I was doing well until I lost my pound for the trolley so had to make two trips with a basket, queued up twice to get in and queued up twice to get everything on my list.
No one can go near anyone else, one person in at a time. It’s pleasant enough but it’s strange and I cried when the announcement was made over the speaker system.

No one else looked up so I got away with it, felt a bit stupid crying amongst the dairy produce but I suppose I didn’t cry around the beer or I’d had just looked like a desperado needing her Special Brew.

I forgot the beer too.

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  1. Thank you for all the lovely posts during the lockdown Ang. I really look forward to them each evening and they keep my spirits up x

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  2. I love your posts and drawings. I hope you are looking for a publisher.

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  3. I’d like to think I would have seen your tears and given you a “yep, I get it” smile through mine. Crazy times

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  4. Beth C. from the USA

    Last weekend driving out of the neighborhood, I saw a homemade sign that said, “BEEP! It’s my 7th birthday!” I was so upset I forgot to beep. Hope they got lots of beeps that day.

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  5. Thank you for sharing the emotional struggles to keep it human, to keep us human and be real. I felt that too. Yes, we need to hang on to hope and not cower in fear…but it doesn’t mean we dont’t have our days of crying in front of the dairy produce section.

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