Petrichor and fabric conditioner.

Grey skies are back with the rain, the smell outside is earthy and heady. Blossom and fabric conditioner from a neighbouring tumble dryer on the go and petrichor.

News is arguing with itself about the death numbers.

They’re higher in care homes now but they’re old and they weren’t included initially as they didn’t die in a hospital (because they weren’t tested so they didn’t belong in the Corona death party) and now they are because the news realised they were human too.

The rest of us are just folding washing and wondering what is going on.

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  1. Outside the bees are free and yellow

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  2. A new word for me…petrichor…thanks!

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  3. In between the laundry & household chores, the care of my pets.. I stop now & then.
    Sit on the porch stairs. Close my eyes, and listen to the sunshine among the clouds, the birds flying hither & thither and the sound of me. I’m still here trying to make a positive difference. Sometimes it’s just being quiet so I can hear the birds.
    Somehow tho, the world cuts in to the tune of neighbors, a car or my inner conscience saying: finish up ya slacker😁


  4. Indeed, still wondering, since it happend in december in Wuhan.. what is going on… we looked at each other and said… wondering how soon it will cross over and find us… that corona stuff…

    now wondering, how it all happend, what is going on, when will it end…


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