Cat burglar.

Well this made me do a double take this morning! I have two cats but I was looking at three.

Who on earth is this and most certainly not respecting social distancing!

This gorgeous slink made an appearance in our house at six o clock this morning. A very well looking, beautiful, pale tabby.
My two had no idea and didn’t care either as it was feeding time so slinky stripey burglar cat made it’s escape back out through the cat flap before the dog woke up…

I’m sure it will be back.

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  1. LOL….. I wish my cat was that way…. Maybe you got 3 cats in tha house soon 😉


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  2. That is funny. I found a cat in the second floor of my house once. One cat I had was staying with grandparents while we were away. She ran away and moved in with another family. Thankfully, we were able to get her back.

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  3. hahahahaha !

    I once discovered a cat sleeping in the attic : uhhhhhm … cat ? wromg colur ! I took him (her) and put it at once out again through the skylight, that had been ajar … our own cat was sleeping downstairs ! narrow escape (for me)

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