Just seventeen (during a global pandemic).

Dear Millie,

This birthday is very different this year.

No party*, no shopping trip, no friends and not very many presents and a global pandemic. It’s a bit rubbish.
I promise you that the postman has got a bit lost and I’m sure that the present I ordered will be here very soon…

In the meantime, let me remind you how utterly lovely you are and how unique you are. Please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
There are many people on this planet but I got one of the very best the day you were born and I knew it (even though at the time I still didn’t know how to do your nappy, you always gave me the look that it would be alright).

I will always love you for being you.

*I did make a cake and so far the cat hasn’t eaten it.

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  1. Happy Birthday Millie! Even though it will be different this year? Have a wonderfull day, but i think your mom will make it so, if i read about the cake 😉 Keep the cats away!


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  2. juleswhynotshop

    Happy Birthday Mille! xx

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  3. juleswhynotshop

    whoops pressed send too quickly! It’s my first comment from a long time follower! Have a very happy birthday Millie! You will always remember this birthday. xx Best wishes to you and also to mum and the rest of the family. The Dawn Will Come. x

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  4. Happy birthday, lovely Millie!

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  5. Happy birthday ! A bit quiet perhaps this year … but let out a good roar ! 😀

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