Evening song.

The walk was quiet tonight. My first steps outside today.

Tomorrow’s rubbish piled up outside each house. Black bags and pink plastic. Tonight’s litter dances around the empty streets in a happy scuttle, the ground is dry making for quick passage. Gloves, masks and cans of energy drinks race each other amongst the growing weeds.

The news is baffling, in England there is news of the lifting of restrictions but you’d need a code cracker to understand the words out of the Prime Ministers mouth. I don’t think anyone is the wiser right now.
Here in Wales, we are still grounded and we are still no go. There is still too much infection. The lock-down remains. We are allowed out twice a day, garden centres can re-open and fast food chains.
The shape of my cat with a squeaking mouse in her mouth can be seen leaping the walls of the back gardens in the evening sun.

That is not coming in the house.

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  1. I’m so glad that Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are defying Boris’s ridiculous plans and maintaining the lockdown! I cannot believe he is planning to send little children back to school while this pandemic is still at large! There are just no words for how I feel about these scurrilous Tories! Thank god you live in Wales! xxx

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  2. Over here, the schools started yesterday, but half filled classrooms, so in a new timeline, one day, the one half of the class is in, today the other half… The children and parents are happy.

    I still dont know.. i guess we have to wait and see… also the hairdressers are open again.


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