Curtain call.

The roads are busier now, there seems to be more people going out.

I wish you well, I’m glad you haven’t been affected or infected.

Maybe you will be lucky why should I judge you?
Why should I even bother to draw my curtains to look out at the road so busy with cars.

We all have our reasons, hard not to feel something when you hear the noise of cars back on the road.

The news is split into where you live now. Wales will continue the lock-down for three more weeks, opening garden centres for essential begonias and fast food drive throughs. In England there is talk of primary children returning to school but Westminster is still keeping parliament on reduced numbers. That’s nice.

The infection numbers have risen today.

This is not over.

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  1. BlueAngelDiverGirl

    Sadly.. those who chose not to do the “stay at home” end up being carriers of the disease.. so it does matter to all of us, when the others disregard.. they end up infecting us. And we expire. It does matter. Your life matters

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  2. Oh my… risen… over here it’s going down now.. steady even… i can only hope it will stay this way, i’m still being carefull.


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  3. Concerned about how fast our country seems to think it can get back – I am staying safely behind the front door – but I can. I know my young teacher son is very concerned that teh govt think its safe for primary children to go back – because it isn’t.

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  4. People quickly become complacent ….

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