Let’s go to the park.

I watched a little boy scoot past today with his face mask on. Happy to be going to the park to play with his mum.

Are children going to play face masks in school history lessons and write about what it was like to stay in their houses?

What did you do in lock-down?


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  1. I feel for the children but alas they are resilient and cope better than the adults. We are the ones always on the go while a child can be content being homebound. Of course the younger they are, the better because I cant see a teenager wanting to stay home…unless they are totally attached to their electronics. And then being my age, 70s, I am content with staying home, love to read, learning to cook again (although I do miss going out to restaurants) and there is always something to do in the house. I hope we all learn something from this pandemic – life is not about what you have or where you go. Life is about living.

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