Freedom isn’t free.

So as of Monday, we will be able in Wales to meet other people outside the house.

Within five miles.

And two metres apart.

We are happy but looking at it from a captive point of view, we are far from free. We can roam a little further.

This is far from over.

So much talk of it not being real, of it being as easy as flu.

The news says in an estimated study only six percent of France is actually immune to covid 19.

All about the “R” rate see?

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  1. You can run, hide and avoid but ultimately like death it will get to you unless they develop a vaccine.
    Vaccine for which strain? Like the flu it is mutating and will be back in another form for winter.
    Face the dragon, look him in the eye and go outside and mix.
    Living in fear is worse than death.

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    • I fail to see your logic.
      I fail at being fatalistic like that.
      I have a terrible problem with caring for people you see?
      You failed at presuming I’m frightened by the way.


  2. You must not confuse “fear” with wisdom… it is WISE to be cautious currently. The government advice is ill advised and knowingly so, questioned as it is by Doctors, Nurses, Bishops and Scientists from across the land! This government will always favour economics over public safety. You must not act out of haste and be blinded to the truth of the political agenda and the lies at work here. Children and Life are our most precious assets, and parents are the only thing that can protect them when the state fails so miserably as it already has. Trust yourself and your INSTINCTS… see beyond the political propaganda… and keep yourselves and your children safe until it is CLEAR from all quarters that it is safe to do otherwise. PLEASE.

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