Tomorrow is only a day away.

This post is not about today.

This is about tomorrow.

Because tomorrow my children are going out on their own for the first time in over nine weeks.

They will meet with friends and do kids stuff.

While remaining two metres apart.

It’s your eyebrow raising, not mine…

But it’s time.

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    “Health officials make last-minute plea to stop lockdown easing in England
    Royal College of Nursing also fears lifting of more restrictions on ‘happy Monday’ is too early.”

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    • The crowded beaches and parks leave me amazed. I have no intention of that until we see a good prolonged period of reduced infections with increased social interaction.


  2. Angie love… it really is not time right now.


    • Absolutely agree with you Sean, please don’t worry, they only went down the road to see a friend who’s been in for 9 weeks too. They didn’t go near each other. I have no plans to visit any crowded places or beaches right now.
      I just let them out without me, washed hands the minute they got back.
      Welsh Government are being very cautious. Rightly so.


  3. The kids are back in school for a few weeks now over here, so far, so good… also Daycares are open, my grandson is going again… so far it goes wel.


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