Evie is the first to return to school tomorrow.

One day a week. All schools are running on reduced capacity until September.

Four months of home school, no friends. It’s been tough for children and it will be another adaptation to face returning to school.

And they’ve ALL grown out of their shoes and wellies.

But, we have hand gel.

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  1. juleswhynotshop

    Good luck Evie! Have a great day and try not to eat all your lunch by 10 am!

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  2. One day a week. I am glad you are being careful about it. I wish we were easing back into school. Here in Arizona we are going back with very few precautions, masking but no social distancing even during lunch time (the no social distancing, not the masks during lunch). We are due to start back in 6 weeks and our numbers are going in the wrong direction. It is very stressful.

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