School run returns.

I have just dropped Evie off for her first day back after four months.
We drove past playgrounds taped up, school buses driven by masked faces, empty roads and a cloudy blustery sky.
We both thought it felt like a September day.Cold wind, grey sky, showers on the horizon.
Evie jumped out the car and legged it up the road without a backwards glance.
I sat in the car and bloody howled. I howled all the way home. Big red puffy snotty howls. Nice one Angie.
Good luck to all the little dudes starting school in Wales today.
Us mums will be there to hose you down in the garden when you come home

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  1. It will be allright, just trust! ❤

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  2. juleswhynotshop

    Good luck to you and all the parents! It will soon be home time and you’ll hear all about it. x

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  3. Maureen Wright

    My grandson is in year 6 he lives with me because his mother has chronic health problems. I was nervous sending him back full time as I’m older than all parents and teachers at his school. The vulnerability you feel is only natural it does ease as time goes by. 🙂 I’m really glad I did it and didn’t keep him at home, he’s happy being there.

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  4. I truly understand your anguish. My fears every year I sent my two children to school the first day would overwhelm me and I would have a really good cry after dropping them off. From preschool all the way up to high school every single year I let it out. They are 34 and 36 now with children of their own. BTW I love your blog and drawings.

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  5. Ahhh, I hope she had a wonderful day and that you made it through alright yourself.

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  6. Ye’re a tender wee soul, aren’t ye!

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  7. I think it will ease up when you see how glad Evie is to be back in school …

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  8. Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwww I know how you feel and my boys are 18 and 15. Hugs and love. 🌸💕


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