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Who I am?

I am Angie Stevens and I love to draw that’s for sure.

There’s around 2439 drawings on Doodlemum now.

Didn’t know the time of day when I started drawing in this blog ten years ago!

Ten years of tea, wine and hugs.

The big picture.

Ten years of occasionally filling a page, the rest is lined chaos!

Washing and the like.

You knew it was coming. A mountain of ten years of love hate with the washing basket and all things that involve cleaning. I am not a domestic goddess, I am a domestic anarchist! Enjoy!

More from the archives – over to the animals.

Well without them I wouldn’t have wiggles, hairy sofas and I’d have shop bought eggs. I’m banned from picking the next dog as it will be a great dane or the shaggiest stink hound in history.

I only got to 2012 before I realised there’s an awful lot of drawings. Just goes to show that a drawing a day really does build up over the years!

Here’s to ten years more of animals big, small and fiesty.

Some early Doodlemum.

I’ve loads, I mean loads of drawings from the last ten years so I’m going to dig a few out this week as Doodlemum is now ten years old.

Ten years of drawing the little stuff, the big stuff and the stuff that I tell no one (except an audience of thousands).

Okay, it got a little bigger than a tired mum of three expected…

I hope you enjoy looking through, I’ve spent two hours looking myself and I think I need tea now.

Worlds and pictures.

Not every picture is perfect, not every line hits the page where I want it to either.

Like a big car crash on a white page.

I’m not sure if its the brain involved or my hands or simply everything working in unison.

But words and pictures are intertwined for me and have become more so the more I’ve written my blog.

Which is now ten years old.

Ten years of drawings and words.

Now I feel old.

Old bones.

This beautiful soul came into our lives nearly ten years ago.

A hurricane of life and energy.

Now a gentle breeze and a happy tail.

Life got better once she found her happy home.

Please if you are going to get a dog, go and be a superhero and rescue one that needs a home. You’ll get a lifetime of love and wiggles.

Yes they come with baggage but once unpacked, that little suitcase is there to stay until the day comes when you both let each other go and you put your heart back in it for them to take.

Cat for tea.

Puffling hour.

It’s late enough and Renee has started moving her little knitted kitty puffs upstairs for the night.

The kids sleep through the racket and wake to a landing full of knitted balls.

It’s better than Christmas as you never know what you’re going to step out to each morning.

One got taken out in the rain last week through the cat flap and forgotten about but I’m happy to report it has found its way back in late tonight.

One got placed inside a wellington boot.

One found its way inside the dog crate, Bonnie is very fond of them too.

Must knit more, I now have wool in rainbow shades.

Cuddle monsters.

You have been chosen, fortunate one.

Don’t move while we get comfortable.

A little rest.

Bonnie has been on bed rest all weekend.

No running.

No jumping.

No fun.

I hate sitting still too girl.

I think she’ll be just fine. Age is no fun when you’re a one hundred miles an hour dog.

Miss Bump.

Bonnie, we need to have words about launching yourself off the patio at dinner time. You’re nearly twelve now and you’re not a puppy any more.

A sausage is not worth the pain.

Let’s hope that sore leg is better in the morning eh?

Morning grub.



Put the bowl down before the cat explodes please!

Yoga is relaxing.


I guess that’s the artist in me. My washing line dies dramatically with all my clean washing on and I grab my sketchbook and ponder the comparisons of the detritus fest 2020 is turning out to be.

The year that in hindsight you’d have hibernated through.

The year if you’d have placed a bet on not going around the world in eighty one days. because you had to self isolate because there was a flight ban from the United Kingdom (so you had to deflate your balloon).

The year if you were a time traveller, you’d have skipped in favour of seeing something like paint dry on a Van Gogh or a Bob Ross (I’m not picky).

The year if you had the choice, you’d rub out 2020 and wake up in 2021, refreshed and optimistic your diet was going to be jaffa cake free.

Best pick up that washing. and put the kettle on.


Swipes before nose boops tonight.


Nose boops before swipes always.

Still life.

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