Old bones.

This beautiful soul came into our lives nearly ten years ago.

A hurricane of life and energy.

Now a gentle breeze and a happy tail.

Life got better once she found her happy home.

Please if you are going to get a dog, go and be a superhero and rescue one that needs a home. You’ll get a lifetime of love and wiggles.

Yes they come with baggage but once unpacked, that little suitcase is there to stay until the day comes when you both let each other go and you put your heart back in it for them to take.

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  1. Oh Angie, Lovely lovely baggage. Makes me smile.
    Prepare your heart. Hugs, E

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  2. That little suitcase won’t be going anywhere just yet my darling. 😉 xxx

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  3. Maureen Wright

    True words. 💕

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  4. So beautifully put! #adoptdon’tshop

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  5. Jane Rawlings

    This made me cry.
    They are so precious, because of the baggage.
    Lost my furry suitcase last November.

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  6. Every creature should have a soft place to land and have their peace…you are that soft place for her. Lovely post—thanks for sharing!

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  7. Lovely Bonnie – part lab, part giraffe, always with an air of total bewilderment. ❤

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  8. So beautifully stated.

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  9. This also goes for cats…. i know… ❤


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  10. Big hugs to you all. I will miss your drawings of her.


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