Worlds and pictures.

Not every picture is perfect, not every line hits the page where I want it to either.

Like a big car crash on a white page.

I’m not sure if its the brain involved or my hands or simply everything working in unison.

But words and pictures are intertwined for me and have become more so the more I’ve written my blog.

Which is now ten years old.

Ten years of drawings and words.

Now I feel old.

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  1. Congratulations on ten years of blogging, and yay to another decade or 3

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  2. Ahhhh, little lady!
    Not yet, no not yet.
    Age is not so bad, and you’ve a long way to go.
    Keep drawing and talking and raising your sweet family.
    A ways to go love, quite a ways to go!
    And, I love your blog and all you show us of your beautiful kids and loving creatures.
    Please continue! Thank you 😊

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  3. Congratulations!!

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  4. Thank you for 10 years of smiles. xx


  5. Ten years, wow that has flown by my love! And quite an achievement too! Keep it up… I love being able to peek into your world through this little window and see how you are all doing!. 😉 xxxxxxx

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  6. What an accomplishment!

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  7. I bow to your dedication to this blog (for us!!), your family, your precious pets, and especially your art. Each piece a jewel. Congratulations.


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