Some early Doodlemum.

I’ve loads, I mean loads of drawings from the last ten years so I’m going to dig a few out this week as Doodlemum is now ten years old.

Ten years of drawing the little stuff, the big stuff and the stuff that I tell no one (except an audience of thousands).

Okay, it got a little bigger than a tired mum of three expected…

I hope you enjoy looking through, I’ve spent two hours looking myself and I think I need tea now.

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  1. Hoo! Boy! I want the Kite and the Weeping Willow drawings!
    So glad I stumbled across your wonderful blog……I don’t even know how long ago.
    Please keep it up Missy, you’re one talented lady.

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  2. This has been a wonderful journey.

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  3. So glad you do this, I love your work!

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  4. Very nice 🙂

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  5. OMG, how wonderful, i love the window licking, LOL… but they are all so amazing!

    Truly love those!

    Happy Anniversary! A very special diary you got there for later on, that’s for sure!


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  6. These are wonderful.. Happy anniversary! X

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  7. Wonderful… and window licking! 😄

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  8. These are fantastic.

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  9. I have loved following you and your lovely family for many years, thank you, congratulations.

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