More from the archives – over to the animals.

Well without them I wouldn’t have wiggles, hairy sofas and I’d have shop bought eggs. I’m banned from picking the next dog as it will be a great dane or the shaggiest stink hound in history.

I only got to 2012 before I realised there’s an awful lot of drawings. Just goes to show that a drawing a day really does build up over the years!

Here’s to ten years more of animals big, small and fiesty.

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  1. Life just wouldn’t be quite as full (and hairy) if we did not have our furry family members.

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  2. These are do wonderful. They have given me lots of smiles of recognition. Particularly your chooks, because mine go bok, bok bok too.😄

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  3. Good stuff Angie.
    “What’s new Pussycat?”
    Whoa woah WoooWoahh!!!

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  4. Love, love, truly love this, you gave me the first big smile of today just now. One drawing a day…. and i am thinking… i should get my sketchbook out again to…

    Since, i once did that, on a vacation and it’s still fun to see, it only ad 15 days in it, but it’s truly different from taking a picture.

    Thank you for showing us!


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