Washing and the like.

You knew it was coming. A mountain of ten years of love hate with the washing basket and all things that involve cleaning. I am not a domestic goddess, I am a domestic anarchist! Enjoy!

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  1. Job(s) well done.
    And done again.
    And again.

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  2. Hahahaha I think EVERYONE will recognize this !!!!!

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  3. Maureen Wright

    You sum up the “ground hog day drudgery” perfectly!

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  4. I remember hanging out washing where I could only hang sheets on certain lines where they would not blow into and snag on the climbing roses that grew along the back fence. I had to plot out where I hung what — and hang short things on that one line. But the smell of clothes dried in the sun is so lovely. I wish I had a clothes line at my current (rented) place.

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  5. I’m laughing, now.. i just have one kid, but i can tell you… right now, it will pass! Trust me, once they are all out of the house, you will find yourself searching for clothing and stuff that can be put in the washing machine… and days you will skip washing because there is no laundry enough, LOL.

    I also love, truly love it how you put the cat in, because.. yessssssssss always in the way… standing, sitting.. whatever.. where you don’t want them, mine prefers the clean towels before faulded, if he gets the chance.


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