Washing and the like.

You knew it was coming. A mountain of ten years of love hate with the washing basket and all things that involve cleaning. I am not a domestic goddess, I am a domestic anarchist! Enjoy!

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  1. Job(s) well done.
    And done again.
    And again.

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  2. Hahahaha I think EVERYONE will recognize this !!!!!

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  3. Maureen Wright

    You sum up the “ground hog day drudgery” perfectly!

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  4. I remember hanging out washing where I could only hang sheets on certain lines where they would not blow into and snag on the climbing roses that grew along the back fence. I had to plot out where I hung what — and hang short things on that one line. But the smell of clothes dried in the sun is so lovely. I wish I had a clothes line at my current (rented) place.

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