A street dog called Frannie.

Apologies for the silence but the storms blew in a five month old street-puppy from Romania. I think she’s a keeper. Very scared right now but she’s joined the right family.

Meet Frannie, our new stowaway. Been with us a few days now and settling in so very well after a bumpy start of snarling and being all street tough.

I think we have a very clever pup here, she’s walked this earth before.

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  1. Maureen Wright

    My family did something similar. We had a 16 year old terrier and ended up with another persons castaway pup. You watch how it will bring out the puppy side in your old dog. It’s a pleasure to behold To see them play young at heart. 💕


  2. So cool. Great digs Frannie!!!

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  3. Roo says “Alo!”
    Another tough Romanian street puppy here, now five and the happiest, sweetest natured boy you could meet. A perfect chicken hound, helping to look after the birds, so gentle & careful with them – couldn’t imagine life without him!
    Just want to say a big “Thank you” for publishing your brilliant drawings – I so look forward to seeing each new one as they come along, illustration at its best!
    Xx Elaine & Roobarb (officially Rufus, but definitely more of a Roo…)

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    • Ah thank you so much! My pleasure is drawing and sharing them. It’s so lovely to hear your pup is so happy. Frannie has met the chickens briefly, but we are currently working on getting used to two noisy cats 🤣


  4. There is a special place in heaven for those who adopt a dog.

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  5. Ahw, how sweet, i’m glad she is doing allright with you, i think she is in de right house, and in the right family!


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  6. Little Orphan Frannie.


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