I am getting the hang of a training lead, I am.

Bonnie is doing a better job than me at teaching our pup to follow on a lead.

Frannie has never been on a lead before and we have spent the week making friends with the lead with lots of chicken too. Now the lead is very exciting because nice things happen when the lead goes on, magic chicken appears and it’s brilliant as Bonnie gets some too.

Other dogs are very exciting too as are cars, as are bees and butterflies.

Everything is exciting and must be barked at.

It’s very noisy here right now.

The cats are upstairs and come out at quiet times but that’s going to take time and if Bonnie can do it, so can Frannie.

And me too.

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  1. Oh, boy…

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  2. Great drawing, loved it…
    Try harnessing your new pup to Bonnie on the lead. I watched the transformation that one dog brings to another and all that without any effort from the other end of the lead… no chicken needed.

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  3. I totally get it☆ I walk 4 dogs ranging in size from 9 lbs to 51.. I found that I had to assume confidence and balance in my emotional response to mess-ups!. I have 1 leash split to 2 dogs. And 2 separate leashes for the other two . They know go left, go right, back up, stop. Its limited but it helps. Ive seen the waistband lead holder, but waiting till funds are there. This frees the hands to hold that large stick. And reassurance that the leads won’t slip thru your hands! I use the gentle lead on 3 of the dogs as they get excitable. All in all.. I truly understand your predicament–!! Best advise. Take each dog out separately, for 15 minutes with treats and train the basics. Then with them together, its easier to have everyone on the same page. You are Alpha. They are not😉

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    • Yes totally agree! Walking separately has helped bring on pupper a treat. She socialises beautifully too, Bonnie does get too excited before walks which is intimidating to a young one! The calmer I am, the calmer they are!

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