Lockdown 2 – the return

We had the announcement at the start of the weekend that our county of Swansea was to go into tighter restrictive measures to control the spiralling covid infection numbers.

As of 6pm tonight, no leaving the county unless good reason to.

So everyone’s gone out and bought all the toilet roll and all the pasta.

Boris Johnson, our Prime minister, addressed the nation too. It felt like a very bad version of the story “The Tiger who came for tea”

Except this tiger bought all the toilet roll, the pasta and rammed me repeatedly with his trolley in the supermarket because I wasn’t moving fast enough in the two metre, socially distanced, queue.

I haven’t gone shopping for food for a few days now because hopefully, by Monday, they’ll all be in their toilet roll palaces eating pasta.

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  1. Hang in there. We live in Melbourne Aus, and we went into a second wave lockdown a few months ago. It was crushing at the time, but we are starting to come out of it. Amazingly, no toilet paper rush the second time around. Hopefully yours will end soon. Good luck from Downunder.

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  2. Blimmin’ Tiger; always thought he was an extremely rude guest. Thinking of you and hoping you manage to secure supplies.

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  3. Worth reading for the last sentence alone!

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  4. Again de toiletpaper? We’re heading for this fall to again, but our gouverment, let ppl still fly to vacation resorts … ain’t that stupid? Amsterdam being in the top 10…


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  5. Hang in there as well all get braced for this next crazy phase of life.


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