Outside drawing.

Had a bit of fun yesterday as the Welsh lockdown continues. Outside pavement drawing has re commenced! Nice thing about Swansea rain is that my canvas gets wiped clean for me to do a new one in between the downpours!

I think Renee approves.
Lucky for me, Mr fox is leaving my ladies alone right now.

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  1. I LOVE these! Great video clip too… nice to see you at your creative best my darling! And I do hope Gruff is ok too! xxxxxxxxx

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  2. How i truly love the HP drawing, and truly amazing that you can do this on the pavement! I love, love, love this!


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  3. I love your work! And I enjoyed seeing the Swansea sky with the clouds rushing by in the fox video. Reminded me of our time in Swansea. I felt a bit homesick, when I watched these clips … Our house looked very similar back then, but we did not have such a lovely red front door.
    Keep up the good spirit! We are also back in lockdown now here in Germany… I hope this crazy time will be over soon, so that we can come back, at least for a holiday, to lovely Wales…


  4. Nice drawing, I really like how it looks on the patio stones.

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