Shortest school run in the world.

Leave for school at 8 am.

Back home by 8.30 am because your school year has to self isolate again as there are covid positive cases.

Fun times.

One is mortified, one is delighted because they missed P.E.

And we wait. Again.

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  1. What a fantastic drawing. Simple, fun and just right! ❤️

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  2. Awwww jeez! Will it never end…..
    Yes, as all things do, but whew, I am getting really really really tired of this rotten pandemic!!
    Take a deep, DEEP breathe and get on with it lovey! For it’s our best solution for now.
    You could send me a sweet drawing……….:)

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  3. I couldn’t stand PE either.

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  4. The joyous kid is me back in middle school; I still have nightmares about PE!

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  5. I’d have been delighted to miss P.E.

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