Free Christmas colouring pages.

Well from where I’m sitting right now, we are in a full lockdown.

So to keep busy and happy, here are some colouring pages for you.

I’ll keep adding here so bookmark this page and feel free to share.

Christmas is not cancelled, just different and I will do what I can to keep busy hands busy.

Have fun.

They’re all A4 pages.

Click here and download.

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  1. They are amazing! I love them! But i don’t have a printer. So I will ask my mom 😉



  2. What a sweet lovely thing to do!
    I have been enjoying your blog for a few years now, not certain HOW many! But Angie, it has been a delight to share in your telling of your life, pictorially and readerly! It is very interesting for me to see your little glimpses of Wales. We had a tiny peek of it years ago while visiting England when we drove to Chepstow. I really wanted, want to tour MORE! Someday…..
    I am hoping Miss MIllie did well on her tests!
    I printed out 2 copies of your coloring pages. My 2 youngest grandchildren, 6 & 11 and parents, my only daughter who you remind me of (!) and my oldest granddaughter with my new new Great granddaughter are coming Christmas Eve. We are going to craft gnomes…..I imagine Ronan, my youngest and only boy, will greatly appreciate your charming drawings.
    Thank you Darling!
    Merry Christmas from my new home in Florida. Eeeeeeeeeeeee!

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  3. Thank you, what a lovely idea. X

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  4. Thank you. I really love it and my son will love to color this, too 🙂

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  5. Thank you. Our grandchildren will love them.

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