Midnight last night we went into a full lockdown again.

The news was announced a few hours before and the ensuing rush in my city to the shops was like a tsunami of panic. My social media filled up pretty quickly with images of miserable queuing and cars gridlocking car parks in the rain, in the dark with the backdrop of blinking Christmas lights.
I walked the dogs later and the roads were very busy with speeding cars and honking horns, you could genuinely feel the atmosphere. One of anger and frustration.

The news says it’s a new variant, it spreads faster. We’re all to stay at home indefinitely, there will be a review in three weeks but numbers are flying here as I’ve said before so Christmas day is the only day we are ok to go out and see our other “bubble”.

A very strange Christmas this is going to be. I’m quite deflated to be honest with you as I imagine the whole of Wales is right now but I understand why.

More milk it is then.

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  1. Very sorry to hear this, Angie. I wish you and your lovely family a Christmas that’s as happy as it can be, all things considered. Thank you for continuing to brighten our dark days with your art.

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  2. Weird times and sorry they’ve got to you today. I hope you all manage a good if different Christmas. Thank you for the smiles you give and I hope yours comes back soon.

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  3. Thinking of you. Stay safe.

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  4. Stay strong! This too will pass. Just not soon enough.

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  5. Hang in there. It happened to us a few months back and it felt like the end of the world — but it wasn’t. It does end. Thinking of you and your countrymen. Terry and Dianne

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  6. Oh, it’s a new one, that news we don’t get, but it is spreading faster to, so i guess we are in the same boat again…. I was already wondering about the first vaccinations that you got over there.. not working? Or the new sort of virus.

    Stay strong! Sending you strength and light!


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    • The vaccine is in its first week of the roll out so its very early days. It will certainly be a while before we start to see an effect.
      The first to receive the vaccine are front line health workers and rightly so 🙂
      So for now, we will have to wait unfortunately.

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  7. just found your blog..loving the doodles:)

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