Covid central.

A letter has arrived from the local council and health service reminding us to remember to stay away and stay at home. Infections here and in the surrounding areas are very, very high. Our hospitals are in danger of being overwhelmed if numbers keep rising.
The electronic bill board is still promoting Christmas deals with the odd public service information asking us to keep our 2 metre distances and stay at home whenever possible.
In other news, the cats have decided Gruff’s window is wonderful to watch the birds from and bring their muddy paws in.

It’s still raining, we may need a boat soon.

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  1. Slashing weather! Your house looks toasty..

    My family is coming for Christmas Eve Lunch, a new tradition.

    We’re having sliced meats for sandwiches, crisps (see, my Irish! I didn’t say chips…heeh!) I made fruitcake 2 months ago, not my son-in-laws’ traditional pudding his mother makes, but we LOVE it! and chocolate chip cookies.

    I just tried making eggnog, a teeny bit curdly. I’ll run it through the blender to see if it can be saved!

    We’re going to have a “craft” day, and attempt making Gnomes out of socks (OH! I just thought, I should have asked you for your mis-matched ones the dog hasn’t eaten!!! Hahaha) filled with rice. Faux fur beards and looonng pointy hats. They are the rage here.

    We’ll be 9 counting the wee babee, 8 months old great granddaughter, Princess Pea! Her mother is my oldest grandchild.

    We are changing up the day, not doing a soup dinner like the old days, (last Year and zillions before…) because my daughter wants to be home where she can finish all the last minute Elf-y stuff. We’ll get up and out over to Meg’s house, Crack O’ Dawn on Christmas morning for a long day of presents, eating, games……

    So Angie, I hope you and your sweet family have a delightful Christmas Day!

    Be warm. Stay healthy. Merry Christmas! Ellen


  2. Beautiful sketch. We have muggy 20 something weather here in Sydney and which is the Xmas version of indifferent weather.

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  3. Yes, the rain, pfffffffffffff hate it, so grey outsite.

    Stay safe, stay strong!

    Finally they are telling us to that de virus has mutated…


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