Cat walk

I see where this is going and I am powerless to stop it, my jumbled corpse and broken bones while being lovingly purred at.

Pandemic didn’t cause a washing shortage that’s for sure. I’ve lost the will to live pairing socks and everyone’s got each others and is having fun negotiating them back. Don’t say I don’t make it fun.

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  1. Hahahaha! Hah!!!
    Back in my cats at home days, it was marvelous fun playing with Ellen as she tried valiantly to spread sheets and make the bed.
    What joy fresh tossed linens, crawling under, pouncing….
    I miss cats. Thank you for sharing the love!!

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  2. I had four children and three were girls. When they grew up and left home they said it was wonderful not to see their name on the waistband of their underwear. Lol

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  3. Cats always choose the worst time to look for attention.


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