An ordinary day.

The wind is bitingly cold today. Straight from the North Pole and very bitter it is. Flurries of snow in my face and my hair.
A boot full of food to last the next week, no end to the lockdown as yet but we all are holding our breath and hoping.

The house we live in was built around 150 years ago by miners and their families working in the area. That means that at one point. there were families in these very houses, going through the last pandemic of 1918 when a flu virus ravaged through the world and took out indiscriminately, from our communities.

Also a place of birth, I know Gruff wasn’t the only baby born in this house, there have been many births too. He arrived on a mid Tuesday morning cheered on by a small handful of midwives (and a few neighbours stood outside listening to my swearing).

I have dreamt of death a lot in the last year, of about people I have lost, often I have conversations in these dreams with these people and they are angry at me. I’ve got no idea why, (for probably talking too much?) In real life I have no idea what I would say as I would really rather dream about dogs or food or a nice day on a warm beach getting sunburnt.

They say death is an end, but also a beginning, and of better times ahead. I’m clinging on to that thought a little to much right now.

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  1. Oh girl…. Hold on!
    It’s bound to end,,,
    And I pray for my family and yours and for my friends and for the world,,,
    Hot Tea?
    Sending a warm, albeit masked, hug! 🙂

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  2. Everyone around the world is having bad dreams because of the virus. I was trying to save my deceased mother last night. We are in this together and we will all be through this soon. Our people are saying by the summer most will be vaccinated.

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  3. Oh it’s so tough, but we’re getting to the end, I’m sure. Husb is out at the moment, ferrying relatives to the vaccination centre. My house is a similar age to yours, it never occurred to me that previous owners would have lived through the last pandemic – and both world wars of course. xxx


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