Milk is back on the menu.

Stepping outside in a sideways ice blast to get those milk bottles is as far as I’m reaching today.

Dog print pyjamas, bobble hat and complete the outfit with some fluffy socks. A passer-by scurries on past either oblivious or terrified at the sweary mess of a women trying to keep her glasses on and picking up milk bottles with hair writhing in the cold wind like the wicked witch of the morning.

Where is my coffee?

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  1. I love this. The right details in the right places.

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  2. I had to throw away a pair of my fluffy socks this week. Thought it was sewing thread caught on sole but it was holes! lol

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  3. You have a milkman – how brilliant! Your great picture brings back childhood memories of buying milk tokens in the Co-op to leave for the milkman. More reusable glass and less plastic!

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  4. This is me!!!!! Or at least has been until a couple of weeks ago.. Our milkman offered the chance to buy a simple wire bottle crate – it’s brilliant! Only have to reach outside once now, which is fantastic.. You do have to remember to put it out though with the empties… I forgot yesterday didn’t I? So back to the old Witch of the morning, bringing them in one by one!!
    Seriously though, worth looking into – it’s been brilliant to use! Might be worth asking him or looking online…Lovely drawing as ever! xx

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