They think it’s over.

Last week Boris Johnson gave tentative dates for England to come out of the lockdown.

Wales, where we live, gave a more tentative approach to lifting the restrictions we have been living under since before Christmas. We are still under lockdown, we are still very much restricted to no travel and no unessential journeys, meet ups or socialising.

The media have erupted into euphoria.

I can’t share that sentiment. I am not euphoric, I am far from euphoric, I am tired and I am fed up and my hair is resembling an aged Rapunzel. My children are all still at home, their school lessons are still on a screen. They struggle, they can’t see their future as all they can see is the back of their bedroom door.

But moan as I do, Hope has been lobbed at us, like a big floundering fish that might flop away and slide slowly back into the water while I in slow motion grab it with both hands and miss.

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  1. Got my fingers crossed for you. I have one shot in and due for the second one in one or two weeks. May we make it safely to the other side of this mess.

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  2. I know a bit about how you feel. My son hasn’t been in university since March last year. He’s been studying at home online. He hasn’t seen his girlfriend (except online) since new year. I am on the shielding list as I have a transplant kidney and my husband was sent home from work in the NHS as they deemed it too dangerous for me for him to continue working. This lockdown has been the worst yet for us. We are all fed up now. Just want some hope but being in Scotland we are also in lockdown until at least the beginning of April. Thinking of you and your family. Your posts and drawings make a dull day cheery. Thank you 🤗

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  3. Let’s face it, Boris is an idiot and the press are mainly Tory. As a friend of mine so eloquently puts it, “The opera ain’t over until the fat lady jumps off the battlements.”

    Keep on keeping on. We love you.

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