To see.

I think they call it mindfulness these days.

To be present and part of the moment without self conscious thought or overthinking.

I’m absolutely rubbish at it.


I can see the moment like no one else and I can slow it down, turn it upside down, take it somewhere and show you.

To watch a moment and the hand to produce a heap of lines on a page that my brain understands. That’s crafted over and over and over for years and years and never perfected but perfect in it’s imperfection.

That’s drawing. I like drawing, the only reason I ever started was not because I wasn’t any good, (I was just a toddler) I just saw the moment.

I was a young child sat in a church silently drawing with my finger, the backs of people’s heads sat in their benches.

I was a sad teenager with no escape from my head so I drew my moments that gave me hope.

I was a tired mum with seeing no value in my life that picked up a sketchbook and saw a moment.

I’m getting older and my glasses are thick (and give me huge eyes) but the moments are there and they matter.

So I will draw.

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  1. I love this. I get this. The sketches keep us going don’t they? Little gifts we give ourselves. I’m so glad you share yours. And, your commentaries are equally wonderful. Always bring a smile and touch the heart.

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  2. Angie, your drawings are a gift. I have truly appreciated the stories they tell and that you share those with all of us! Thank you!

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  3. Drawing sounds exactly like mindfulness to me. Well done , you

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  4. Never stop drawing and creating. When you stop that you really begin to give up life. Advice from an 80 year old woman aiming for a hundred!

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  5. Keep drawing, I love them xx

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