Monthly Archives: May 2021


Aren’t we all food motivated? I’d sit and stay for cake and tea.

After the rain.

The council weed killers were out last week spraying down the walls and pavements to get rid of the weeds.
Most unfortunately, it poured down right after and washed most of it away judging by the explosion of colour between the cracks and the gutters.

The smallest little flowers, easily ignored by big feet but loved by little bees and insects. I never really noticed myself until I was drawing on the pavements last year during lockdown. They grew through discarded masks and broken bottles.

Last year, because of the pandemic, we had less spraying and as a result, the most beautiful wildflowers grew on the pavements and the gaps between the old walls.

Beats all the grey any day.

The wall of green.

Two hedge trimmers in action, one cuts the other shreds. It’s a good combination.

Eighteen years of Millie.

We have an eighteen year old in our house! A grown up!

Here’s to Millie Lion Heart. You are amazing, we all love you and are so proud of you.

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