Vaccine of the day.

Today on the menu, AstraZeneca part two.

Part one was four days of feeling a little rough and a sore arm, not much to get concerned, I grew no second head and disappointedly I didn’t develop an affinity with anything Microsoft.

I drove to the same building as I originally went to for part one, a small community centre, one way in and one way out. I waited 5 minutes before being ushered to a chair where a trolley was moving up and down the line of waiting people. One to inject and one to ask the questions.

Are you well?

Are you allergic to anything?

Whispers in my ear…Are you Pregnant?

My enthusiastic shaking of my head went on a little too long.

Fifteen minutes of waiting and wondering will this make a difference. Will enough of us get the vaccine? Will it work? Truth is we will have to wait and we will have to hope that it will. I feel very small again, insignificant in the bigger picture.

I got my phone out and ate melted sweets from my glovebox.

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  1. So glad you got your second jab. At least you know you are doing the best you can. If everyone took their vaccines, then the World will be a safer place. Keep safe and well. I really enjoy reading your posts. They are always a little bit of light relief in the day and also show we are all in the same boat! ๐Ÿ˜

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  2. Hi Angie, thank you for sharing your experience. My experience was much the same as yours. I have really enjoyed reading your posts through the pandemic. I think I need to believe in something these days so I choose to believe the vaccine will work. Keep the great posts coming x

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  3. I too feel overwhelmed by it all. And then it passes and on with life we go!! X

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  4. SO glad to hear you were finally able to be vaccinated!

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