Bee kind.

Lots of creepy crawling flowering plants grow in little places on the old stone walls. They always have thrived and grow on everyone’s walls. Brightest of purples this time of year with the happy drone of busy bees.

I’ve added lots of pots this year with herbs and trailing flowers. It’s plant chaos and I love the mess.

The lavender is enormous this year so the bee party is going to be lovely. I’m hoping to see a return of the hummingbird hawkmoth I saw one year, it really looks like a little hummingbird.

No chemicals, no weedkiller, just a pair of hands and a cat interested in digging.

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  1. I have a dog who likes to bury a treat in the flower bed for emergency purposes. That way when I think he’s had too many snacks he has a backup plan. He checks every potty trip to make sure no one else has chosen to eat it. Love the joy those fur babies give to our lives!

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  2. A beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing all your drawings. I love them all and rarely comment. Perhaps I never have. Thank you. I’ve been following you for ages and your posts always make me smile. Thank you. I think I’ve said that already. 😃

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  3. Nice painting, it looks like a beautiful garden, and you really got the strut down of the cat!!

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